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Created by T Gordon Stanley. 

Pilot written by T Gordon Stanley and Vini Beachem.  


2016 Finalist!

WeTV Pilot Contest

2016 Quarterfinalist!

Pocono Heaven Lodge Synopsis:

In the May pre-season of 1929, for two weeks only, the normally staid Pocono Heaven Resort, managed by Alvin Silberman, accommodates New York’s Roaring Twenties A-Gays.  But the lodge is in tenuous financial situation under Alvin’s leadership.  This despite the booming economy.


At the advice of his wealthy anchor client, Dexter Wellesley, Alvin opens up the East Wing of the lodge for the black dandies that flock from Harlem, Brooklyn and Queens. 


Between the East Wing and the predominantly white West Wing is a gorgeous theater.  Nightly there is fabulous entertainment, concerts, vaudeville, dance and drag balls.


But all is not well.  It’s prohibition and the guests want their hooch.  Opium is practically legal and Madame Hong ensures all are well supplied.  The lodge staff see and hear what should normally be off limits.  And a BOI agent (Bureau of Investigation) agent infiltrates the lodge in pursuit of perverts and illegal beverages only to start learning something profound about himself.


Then, a young man is found dead floating in the lake.  The elite Black guests of the East Wing start rebelling against segregation and some of the lodge's staff make their move for more power within the lodge.


Resort Town Fables Logline:

An anthology series where each season focuses on the unusual characters and compelling stories that take place at noted resorts popular with gay vacationers during various times in modern history.  

WGA 1809436

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