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Written by T. Gordon Stanley & Christian Nzekwe

Quarterfinalist - Los Angeles Internatio
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Dear Abigail,

It is my solemn duti to inform you that my time is short. I am your Papa, the horible man your mother talked about. And was married to.


So I want to reintroduce myself. Properly. I am Prince Amaechi, son of King Ezeagu of the Umudikeogu Kingdom.


As a businessman I amassed tremdous wealth in dealing in rare metals. And you are my only heir. But this is a dangerous and controversial busines.




My enemies are many.  They include:


Russian oligark Svetlana Brassanov who wishes to procure a monopoly on these rare metals.


My longtime confidante and business partner, George Onwumere, who I fear will take my wealth and abandon my Global Big Cat Initiative.


The anonymous WeAreWatching online terroriss group who is trying to destroy my reputation.


And there are others who will appear and conspire to obtain my money.


I want you know that I loved your mother imensely and I would never do anything to hurt her. Yet I failed you and herr. That is my biggest regret in life.


Please provide the SWIFT CODE and your BANK ACCOUNT number along with your American SOCAL SECURITY NUMBER. I will immediately make two financial transfers to you totaling USD45,000,000 (Forty-five Milion United State Dollars).


Please do so imediately. This is your only chance. And I reemphasize you must have complete secrecy. You must protect my legacy.


Thank you and God bless you.


Prince Amaechi

Lagos, Nigeria