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Written by T. Gordon Stanley

When you hide in plain sight, you just might be in plain sight. 

In hipster-laden, foodie-driven, wino-infested Sonoma County

between the Redwood-forested ocean ridges in the west,

and the mustard flowered-vineyards in the east,

is quaint, historic Morningwood.


Damned to obscurity - except for those who stumble into it,

get born of it, or get buried in it -

it is no less gorgeous, with a beautiful river,

verdant green forests, and cobalt blue skies.

It's the perfect place to hide.



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Synopsis: Justin Evermore, a State Department intelligence officer, screws up on a secret deal with a corrupt Chinese official then runs off with three million dollars.  
He finds refuge in the most peculiar town with the most eccentric residents in Northern California and disappears. He buys a run-down resort and begins his new life, despite the fact that a dead body was found on the property under mysterious circumstances the day the deal was signed. Among the odd assortment of townsfolks, unbeknownst to Justin, he sticks out like a sore thumb.
But a slimy developer who must have the property at all costs and will ensure that Justin never closes the deal. On top of that, his buddy/fellow agent, Steven Tong, tracks Justin down and tries to bring him in from the cold.
But, in reality, he in on all illicit mission, to infiltrate the annual Bellicose Grove Encampment, where the powers that be go for summer camp every year. Corrupt US Officials, Chinese mafioso, Brazilian arms dealers and others congregate with world prime ministers and CEOs. But you're not supposed to know that. 
With his accidental new squeeze, Honey, a bad ass who is very popular with the men in Morningwood, they become partners in crime. She dives head first into the international intrigue along with kicking a little butt with local punks and slimeballs. 
Then Justin has a horrible accident. And he must decide to abandon the mission and the town, or power through it turning his disability into a super power of sorts. And it is through that he finds acceptance is this queer little town that everyone loves. 
Because everyone loves Morningwood.

 Justin Evermore 


 Honey Schlitz 

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big dick.jpg
Rosa Zona_edited.jpg

 Rosa Zona 

 Big Dick 


 Steven Tong 

twins redhead.jpg

 Demonte   Washington ​ 

Charlane Granger

 Maddie and Teddie  


 Alvin (& twin Elvin) Heflin 


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Sheriff Q.jpg
sleezy businessman.jpeg


 Sheriff Q 

 Winkie ​ 


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