Concept Reel
A young Xhosa college student and aspiring designer, Teddy, meets an American war correspondent, Ernie, during apartheid, South Africa, and they fall in love.
Over the next 25 years, they figure out ways to live together even though their relationship - both as an interracial couple and a gay couple - is dangerously illegal.
On assignment in Angola, Ernest is shot. While  recovering, Teddy discovers that Ernest has had an endless affair-on-the-road with a NY Times journalist. 
That and Ernie's aloofness during the student uprising, when hundreds of children were gunned down, puts a strain on their relationship. Ernie convinces Teddy to explore living in the states.
Traveling to Ernie's home in  California's wine country,  they confront the ignorance of Americans about Africa. They travel to San Francisco and find themselves in the gay White Night Riots  where Teddy is beaten. 
Teddy decides he would prefer the violence of South Africa than that of America. And they settle in an improving South Africa until Teddy discovers that Ernie has been enjoying the freedom within Johannesburg's integrated Butterfly Bar. Teddy and his friends storm the bar and confront Ernie as he chats up a Black gay activist.  And after twenty years together they split up. 
But the AIDS epidemic hits and their mutual friends and family members  perish which pulls them reluctantly together, putting aside the distrust. 
But their biggest challenge came after Nelson Mandela became President and Teddy demanded they rebalance their relationship on an equal par shedding the sham roles that kept them together.
Still, they managed to remain together as partners and lovers for 51 years.
This story is inspired by and dedicated to two remarkable gentlemen, who, if they may be still alivealive, would be in their nineties. 

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