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"It's a place of vibrant greens

and mysterious shadows."

- Stumptown Guide 1932

In 1984, a couple move to a peculiar small town in Northern California where they face racism, homophobia and their own infidelity.

Disgraced intelligence officer, Stanley Reiver, and his new beau, a black New York computer geek, Winston Wilson meet, fall too quickly in love and buy a home in Stumptown, a peculiar little town on the edge of the wine country in Sonoma County, close to the emerging computer industry.

The season follows Stanley and Winston's arrival in Stumptown, the odd family of misfits they build and their challenges with the violent and subversive hostility they and others face in this idyllic and picturesque town.


But Stumptown is not your ordinary little town. In the woods are refugees from the city - artists, writers, recluses, a growing gay weekend crowd and food and wine loving townsfolks.


There's a dark underbelly. Rampant speed addiction, metal head rednecks, and a corrupt old-boy network destined to keep gays, blacks and other undesirables out.

One night there's a terrible beating - a young deaf gay man is found staggering in the road. Maxx Jackson, the town's bouncer, saves his life. He thinks he knows who did it.


Stanley and Maxx confront the thugs and the ringleader, Les McStay, is beaten within an inch of his life. "Ain't nothin' worse than getting your ass beat by a fag!" yells Maxx.


But the event splits the town - is Maxx a hero or a psychopath and should he go to jail? Is it time to drive the gays and other undesirables out of town.


Resort Town Fables:

An anthology series where each season focus on the unusual characters compelling stories that take place at noted resorts popular with gay vacationers during various times in modern history.  


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