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“Saving America's 
iconic architecture
one structure at a time.”
With Jaime Rummerfield & Ron Woodson


Follow two extraordinary designers, Ron Woodson and Jaime Rummerfield, on their pursuit to save Historically and architecturally significant structures, residences and important cultural gathering places such as restaurants and theaters, all too often fall to the wrecking ball.


Their passion to preserve the heritage, timeless beauty and vision of the great architects drives them. They celebrate architecture as art.


The narrative is urgency. Building on their years remodeling significant buildings in Los Angeles, Ron and Jaime, experts in California design, have not yet scratched the surface as developers destroy historical properties at a staggering pace.


Among the iconic structures currently not protected are the Brody House by A. Quincy Jones and Billie Haines, Walt Disney’s first Los Angeles home - the birthplace of Mickey Mouse, and the Chuey House by Richard Neutra.

Through their non-profit SIA (Save Iconic Architecture -, they and their staff identify unprotected historic buildings, then make the case as to why the building needs to be saved. It is a frustrating process. Property owners rebel. There may be veiled threats. The bureaucracy is oppressive and funding the initiative has its challenges.


In each episode an endangered structure and a rennovated "proof of concept structure" are identified. Ron and Jaime have a finite amount of time to get the building landmarked. A building that took months if not years to build, can be torn down in a day.


Can they save an icon of America's architectural history

before it is forever gone?

WGA 1852255

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