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In a tough neighborhood in the most diverse city in America, Houston, Texas, at the site of Robert E. Lee High School, now state of the art Wisdom High, an unlikely group of students and their coach are taking on the well funded school for the Texas Soccer State Championships. 

The team of 27, from 14 countries, is made up primarily of new immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers. Despite their cultural differences, they are bound by the language of soccer.

This unlikely team has not had a proper field to practice in. They they practice at a nearby park that doubles as a dog park. When the weather is bad, they practice on the basketball courts in the gym.

Many of the players come from impoverished families, work graveyard shifts, dodge ICE, and have daily stress absent to many players at competing schools. 

Yet this band of newcomers reached the semi-finals last year in Texas state championships. 

Next year, they plan to take the top prize. 

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